The Ultimate Fundraising Program

Raise immediate funds with the Everyday Savings Program while creating a residual funding program on future purchases.

Here’s how it works:

Your organization has no expense to get started and receives a free web page that allows supporters the opportunity to make a purchase that will save and raise funds for your organization:

You can earn $10 on each EDSP $30 purchase immediately
  1. Each member receives access online and our private mobile app to over 300,000 savings offers nationwide and up to $300 of manufactures grocery coupons daily and the B-Causes Direct wholesale travel booking portal and more!!
  2. Each purchase immediately creates a $10 donation for your cause
  3. Your cause will receive 10% of the retail sales price of every blue deal purchase made on the B-Causes website by those who are now associated with your causes. This never stops! Making this the Ultimate Fundraiser.
  4. Your organization receives an online dashboard with access to downloadable opt-in data of each registration with B-Causes that is now associated with your cause.
Get Started Today

Contact the representative that shared this opportunity with you to walk you through the process to get started with the fundraiser that never stops giving.