The Working Together for Good (WTFG) business opportunity was created as the marketing arm for the vision of B-Causes. Our vision is to build the largest group of individuals coming together to do good work.

Every transaction made in the B-Causes’ ecosystem will save money for the consumer and raise funds for the member’s charity. The larger we become…the more deals we can offer, the more deals we have to offer…the more money we raise to help others.

Have you ever said these words? “If I could earn my living helping others, then I think I’d feel more fulfilled.” If so, then the WTFG Purpose-Driven membership is an opportunity for you. Our business opportunity was designed so that you can participate at whatever level you are able to.

We thought long and hard about how we would engage thousands of good people who would want to be part of something that had the potential of being very impactful on others while providing the opportunity to work at something that would also make a difference to their family financially.

We knew we needed to provide an opportunity that would allow someone to earn a part-time or full-time income.  The opportunity must have a component to earn income without recruiting others. We wanted to provide the opportunity for the part-timer to earn income each month and make a difference in their household.  We did not want a program that had participants spending income each month that they did not have and creating a negative impact on reaching their goals.  Finally, we wanted an opportunity for those that wanted to invest significant effort and experience to grow a large sales team and earn full-time income using their skill set. Well, it’s all here!

Attached to our opportunity, is the fact that you will be making a big impact on the lives of people in need. And your impact will not be beyond measure.  That’s the great thing about our system – we can measure!  Every purchase on the B-Causes’ platform pays causes a donation between 2% and 80% depending on the deal offering. To stay true to our mission, we have committed to donating 10% of our Purpose-Driven Membership fees no matter how large our membership grows to.  Our vision is to raise millions of dollars for causes based on the very simple concept of a lot of individuals just doing a little. Every effort on every level counts. One example we use is to share the Purpose-Driven Membership with three others who do the same and your membership is free. This simple act by you and your team will raise over $800 for causes in the first year alone.

We are not a pyramid or get rich scheme. “Work” is the root word for “Working” in our name. We do believe, however, that “the laborer is worthy of his hire”.

We need your help to make this vision a reality. Be part of something good. Join us!